Cleveland's 4th Annual "International Peace Day 2015 - A Week-Long Celebration

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August 14, 2015

From: ARK in Berea

Cleveland International Peace Week 2015!
September 12th through September 21st

Cleveland People, it's time!   You are invited to the 4th Annual "International Peace Day 2015 - A Week-Long Celebration." The theme of our 10 day event is the United Nations "Partnerships for Peace Dignity for All the Worlds Children" and various organizations and businesses will offer the People of Greater Cleveland a wealth of activities, all of which aim to support, inform, educate, connect and entertain the people in our community about the Iceality of a Peaceful Planet.

It is a grassroots initiative to promote participation across the Greater Cleveland region in the building of the National Coast-to-Coast "Great American Peace Trail" and the "Worlds Children Peace Monument". International Peace Week 2015 and Cleveland World Peace Daily encourages organizations, individuals, civic leaders and communities to use the Platform of Peace Day to engage in diverse peace related activities and to engage in practical acts of peace building. Cleveland World Peace Daily encourages local participation in the United Nations International Day of Peace, observed globally on September 21.

Cleveland's International Peace Day began in 2012, as part of the Iceality Silver Revelation, utilizing the Theory of Iceality on Environmental Arts as the main economic engine to promote the Greater Cleveland Area as a 'Cultural Industry' to foster civic identity, cultivate jobs, and tourism, brand Ohio Environmental Arts as a Cultural District in the Bioregion while developing a sustainable Global Culture of Peace for All Living Things.

The CLEVELAND'S 4th ANNUAL INTERNATIONAL PEACE DAY Kick-Off Luncheon will have more details coming soon!

'5k International Pacers for Peace' at the Cleveland Cultural Gardens

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