Climate Action Campaign News - Join the Fight Against Climate Change: Urge the EPA to Cut Pollution from Power Plants

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June 7, 2023

Recently, the EPA proposed a plan to cut climate pollution from existing fossil fuel power plants, as well as new gas power plants. It's a strong start toward meeting President Biden's goal of cutting climate pollution in half by 2030. 

We can go further, though. Click the link below to submit a public comment telling the EPA to finalize the strongest possible standards to cut climate pollution from dirty power plants, protecting our health, and slash pollution that harms the places we live in.

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Dirty power plants are responsible for roughly a quarter of climate pollution in the United States. Slashing this pollution would make a meaningful impact on the health of all Americans. We know that climate change is driven by carbon pollution from the fossil-fuel industry, leading to poor air quality and increasingly adverse health outcomes. 

If EPA’s plan to cut climate pollution from dirty power plants is finalized, we can avoid, on an annual basis, 1,300 premature deaths, 800 hospital, and ER visits, more than 300,000 asthma attacks, 38,000 school absences, and 66,000 lost work days.

Imagine that! Now, take a moment, and click the link below to tell the EPA to implement the strongest possible standard to cut climate pollution from dirty power plants.

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Together, all of us can make a difference to protect our health and protect our planet.

Sarah Sem

Digital Campaigner

Climate Action Campaign