Columbian Park Zoo Summer Camp 2015

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March 2, 2015

From: Columbian Park Zoo

Columbian Park Zoo offers a wide variety of summer camps to fit your child's needs! 

Little Cub Camps for ages 3 - 5

These 3-day long camps are perfect for your little one! Geared towards the young learner, Little Cub Club camps incorporate activities that encourage emerging science skills while accommodating developing attention spans, communication and motor skills.

Time: 9:00am - 12:00pm
June 1-3 - Zoo Rainbow

The animal world is full of beautiful colors.  We'll meet brilliant birds, mottled mammals, and color-changing creatures, too!  Children will learn how animals in the wild use their special colors for blending in and standing out.

June 15-17 - Animal Opposites

Animals are a great way to introduce little learners to the concept of opposites.  We will explore big and small, fast and slow, day and night, all while meeting some amazing zoo animals!

June 29 - July 1 - Dinosaur Roar

Back by popular demand!
Do you have a little one who loves dinosaurs? Treat them to Dinosaur Roar camp!  We'll spend three days learning all about different kinds of dinosaurs and fossils.  Plus, we'll conduct our own excavations and meet living descendants of the extinct creatures.

July 13-15 - Underground Wonders

Come explore life underground as we study the champion diggers and burrowers of the world.  We'll get a first hand look at what life is like for prairie dogs, burrowing snakes, millipedes, and many others who make their living beneath our very feet.

July 27-29 - Jungle Journey

THIS CAMP IS FULL!  Please call 765-807-1540 to placed on a wait list.
Follow us into the misty jungle of our Education Center- some imagination required!  Children will learn all about life in this fascinating habitat.  We'll meet some fascinating animals, tropical parrots, tree frogs, sloth, and monkeys are just a few of the rainforest residents here at the Columbian Park Zoo!

August 10-12 - Animal Jamboree

Only one seat left - call to reserve!
Please check your preschool/kindergarten start date before registering for this session.
Together we'll explore animal sounds, movements, and play styles.  Through imagination play and live animal encounters this camp will bring out the wild side in your little one!

Little Cub Camp Fees:
Non-Member - $60 per child per camp
FOCPZ Member - $53 per child per camp

Young EDventurers I for ages 6 - 8

Half-Day Camp - 9:00am - 12:00pm

Your child will have so much fun at these camps, they won't even realize that they're learning! Extended Care services are available for pre-camp care only for $10 per child, per week, extending the camp day from 7:30-9:00am.

June 8-12 - Animal Families

Is a lizard related to a bird?  Do amphibians lay eggs?  What makes mammals so unique?  At Animal Families Camp we'll answer these questions and many more!  By exploring the ways scientists classify living things, we'll learn which characteristics animal families share and what sets each group apart.

June 22-26 - Dr. Zoolittle

Zoo veterinarians have a very important job!  Taking care of so many different animals can be a challenge, especially when they can't tell you what's wrong.  Campers will learn what it takes to keep zoo animals healthy and happy and explore some of the special ways zoo vets and zookeepers "talk" tot he animals in their care.

July 20-24 - Animal Grossology

Animals can be delightfully disgusting, but here at the Zoo we never say, "Gross!"  We say, "How Interesting!"  Come explore some fascinating funk and learn the science behind it all.  We'll conduct scholarly examinations of mucus, feces, flatulation, decomposition, and much, much more!

Aug 3-7 - Jaws, Paws and Claws

What makes an animal an effective hunter?  How do prey animals avoid being caught?  We'll study amazing adaptations in the never-ending race between predators and prey.  Come discover what determines whether an animal gets its meal - or becomes one!

YE Half-Day Camp Fees:
Non-Member - $80 per child per camp
FOCPZ Member - $73 per child per camp

Young EDventurers I for ages 6 - 8
Full-Day Camp - 9:00am - 4:00pm

Your child will have so much fun at these camps, they won't even realize that they're learning! Extended Care services are available for an additional $20 per child, per week and extend the camp day from 7:30-9:00am and 4:00-5:30pm.

June 1-5 - Habitat Safari

Explore the world's habitats and biomes with this week-long day camp!  We'll study scorching deserts, frozen tundras, tropical rainforests, and more to discover what it takes to survive and thrive on Planet Earth!  Each camp day focuses on a different habitat and features animals that make it their home.  We'll learn what qualities animals need in their habitat to survive, while gaining a new perspective on sharing our own habitat with wildlife.

June 15-19 - Animals on the Move

Come explore some amazing animal movements at Animals on the Move camp!  Gibbons who brachiate through the rainforest canopy at top speed, snakes that can climb (with no hands or feet!), rodents that leap six feet straight up in the air - these are just some of the fascinating features we'll explore.  Campers will also study the mysteries of migration and take part in a fun migration obstacle course!

June 29 - July 3 - American Adventure

Spend your Independence Day week learning all about the amazing wildlife of our American home!  We'll explore the major ecological regions of our country, discover some Native American views on wildlife, and meet some CPZ residents with native roots of their own.  Focusing on living cooperatively with wildlife both here and abroad, campers will learn about important ways to help animals right here in our own backyard!

YE Full-Day Camp Fees:
Non-Member - $120 per child per camp
FOCPZ Member - $113 per child per camp

Young EDventurers II for ages 8 - 11
Full-Day Camp - 9:00am - 4:00pm

June 8-12 - Extreme Animals

This camp goes beyond the ordinary to discover some truly extraordinary members of the animal kingdom - animals that take their adaptations to the extreme!  We'll meet animals of extreme size, age, abilities, and more while exploring some amazing animal talents, too.

June 22-26 - Science Alive!

Become a Junior Biologist as we explore the science of living things at Science Alive! camp.  We'll learn the core ideas of biology and ecology, and how these scientific principles can be used in the zoo setting.  Topics include animal physiology and nutrition, psychology and animal behavior, and the important role zoos play in wildlife conservation.  And of course, we'll do it all surrounded by living things!

July 6-10 - Animal Expeditions

From the jungles of South America, to the savannahs of Africa, to the great Australian Outback - we'll take a day camp trip around the world!  Each camp day focuses on a different continent or region.  By studying the culture and history of each region along with its native wildlife, campers will gain a deeper understanding of today's hottest conservation issues.

July 20-24 - Wild Design

Imagine if you ran the zoo!  Campers will get a first-hand look at what it takes to design a successful zoo - exhibits, animal health care, diet preparation, training, and more. Plus, campers will have the chance to go behind the scenes in some of the Zoo's exhibit areas.

Aug 3-7 - Survivor: Planet Earth

Which species will survive the next mass extinction?  You decide!  In this camp, students will learn why some animal species go extinct while others flourish and what role humans can play in saving their favorite endangered species.  We'll study factors that influence animal survival, including competition and adaptability, and explore some of the major conservation challenges of the world today in a hopeful, empowering way.

YE Full-Day Camp Fees:
Non-Member - $120 per child per camp
FOCPZ Member - $113 per child per camp

Zoo Explorers Camp for ages 12 - 14

Day Camp Opportunities for ages 12-14:
Have a young teen who loves animals? This camp is the perfect opportunity to explore zookeeping careers. Students work on safe animal husbandry tasks alongside CPZ zookeepers and complete a group project throughout the week.

July 6-10 - Hungry Animal Games

It's survival of the fittest in this exciting camp!  Through a series of modeled and theoretical competitive activities, utilizing up-close encounters with live animals, campers will explore concepts of adaptation and selection as they relate to species survival and wildlife conservation.  Will your species survive in the arena of a climate-changing Earth?  Join us for the Hungry Animals Games to see if the odds are in your favor!

July 27-31 - A Week in the Life of a Zookeeper

Getting dirty has never been so much fun! Campers participate in a variety of safe, supervised zookeeping tasks, including diet preparation, exhibit cleaning, animal grooming and public education. A great way to explore animal related careers!

Zoo Explorers Camp Fees
$135 per child per day camp
$60 per child per overnight camp
FOCPZ Member:
$128 per child per day camp
$53 per child per overnight camp

Date: June 1-August 12, 2015

Columbian Park Zoo
1915 Scott Street
Lafayette, IN 47904

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