Common Plumbing Problems You Should Stop Ignoring

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June 5, 2018

Based on age of your house and how you maintain your house, you might find yourself contacting a local plumbing company in Glendale more than you want. As your house ages, it plumbing systems, sewers, drain lines and water heaters do as well. Pipes can become fragile and plumbing problems can occur. There are many common plumbing issues that you should stop ignoring now. Below we have discussed about them:

No Hot Water In Your Home

If you’ve tried to ever have a shower and discovered that you’ve no hot water, then you possibly have an actual appreciation for a suitably working water heater. A common cause of an instant lack of the hot water in your home is pilot light on the gas heater stopping. You can follow the water heater’s instructions manual to quickly relight it. In case you get a little hot water however not enough, then the tank may have to be drained out of sediments. Other possible issues include thermostat problems, a faulty pilot or a faulty thermocouple. Water heater can be risky and have to be serviced properly by an expert. Except for draining or re-lighting pilot, they are the plumbing problems best left to experts.

Tub/Shower Draining Slowly

Slow draining bathtub/shower is probably the consequence of a blocked drain. This issue can worsen if you avoid getting it fixed for a long time. If you do not address the drain problem in a timely way, the final solution to address the problem effectively may end up in costing you more than it’d have if you’d called a plumber just after you noticed that water was taking more time than usual to drain. Avoid temptation to pour drains cleaner down your drain yourself as this frequently causes structural damages to the pipes and drain.

Main Water Valve Issue

Main valve controls water supply which goes to your entire home. This valve is extremely important, particularly during plumbing emergencies such as a pipe’s burst. Shutting the water supply off from main water valve will be important if you wish to avoid your house or bathroom from becoming a big pool. But, do be alerted that although you may have turned off main water valve does not mean that you’ll shut off all water from seeping via the burst pipes. It just means that you have stopped the leaf by having limitless water supply.

Therefore, imagine what it will means if you have a broken down main water valve. This will stop you from possessing any control on your water supply. Therefore, it’s important that you don’t hesitate to get an expert to replace the main water valve instantly.

Low Water Pressure

Fluctuating and low water pressure could be a real annoyance, particularly when having your shower or attempting to run your dishwasher. Lower water pressure could be caused by range of factors: improper pipe installation, low water supply, and rusty pipes tends to be three main culprits.

Clogged Toilet

It’s an issue that everybody has to handle later or sooner — and you certainly cannot ignore this issue if you’ve to utilize the facilities.

One among the major problems with a blocked toilet is that in case it backs up a lot, it can easily deposit dirty water inside your house. This can cause harsh damages to walls, baseboards, and flooring while also creating health hazards.

As irritating as this issue is, it is also pretty simple to spot and simple to fix using a drain snake or a toilet plunger. If snaking and plunging don’t work, it may be required to call in some expert help.