Community Program that Pays Chino Valley Residents to Go Solar Closes Soon

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August 5, 2013

(CHINO, Calif.)  August 5, 2013 – Sullivan Solar Power, a leading Southern California renewable energy company, has been running a communitywide incentive program to encourage mass adoption of solar power in the region. The community initiative enables residents in Chino and Chino Hills to go solar for no money out of pocket and receive substantial cash back incentives.

“The Chino Valley Solar Program offers property owners the opportunity to receive incentives that are greater than the state rebate,” said Daniel Sullivan, founder and president of Sullivan Solar Power, “Our team’s vision is to transition the Chino area from foreign fossil fuels and dirty energy to clean, renewable and proven solar technology.”

The community program is modeled similarly to that of the California Solar Initiative state rebate, in that it encourages the creation of a critical mass. Early adopters will receive the highest incentives, and the amount of the incentives will continue to drop until each phase of the program is fully exhausted.

  •          Phase I: 0 - 50,000 Watts = $0.50/Watt up to $2,500
  •          Phase II: 50,000 - 100,000 Watts = $0.40/Watt up to $2,000
  •          Phase III: 100,000 - 500,000 Watts = $0.30/Watt up to $1,500 

The program recently entered into its second phase of funding.  The initiative is assisting many homeowners in declaring energy independence, including Chino Hills resident, Kathy Higgins, who was involved in the Hope for the Hills battle against Southern California Edison’s (SCE) Tehachapi Project.

Hope for the Hills is a local organization consisting of Chino Hills residents that are dissatisfied with SCE’s attempt to build obtrusive transmission lines through the community, known as the Tehachapi Project. After years of protest, Hope for the Hills recently won the battle and SCE has agreed to build the 500,000-volt transmission lines underground.

 “After what Edison did to the neighborhood, I was certain that I wanted to invest in solar rather than putting my money towards destructive power projects,” said Higgins, “By going solar with Sullivan Solar Power, my monthly solar payments will be significantly less than what I was paying to the utility.”

Through Chino Valley’s Solar Program, more than 60,000 watts of clean renewable energy have been committed to be installed throughout Chino and Chino Hills so far. Chino Valley residents have the opportunity to get paid to go solar through August 30.

To learn how to participate, call 1-800-SULLIVAN or visit www.chinovalleysolarprogram.org.