Congressman Zeldin Statement on 1 Year Anniversary of Hochul Being Sworn Into Office

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August 24, 2022

Congressman Zeldin Statement on 1 Year Anniversary of Hochul Being Sworn Into Office

Releases List of 10 Top Ten Lowlights of Hochul’s Year as Governor

NEW YORK – Today, Congressman Lee Zeldin (R, NY-1), the Republican Party and Conservative Party nominee for Governor, issued the following statement on the top 10 lowlights of Hochul’s year in office. Today is the one-year anniversary of Governor Kathy Hochul being sworn into office:

“Kathy Hochul’s first year as Governor has been a disaster. We’ve witnessed how a year of failed leadership in Albany and one party rule can further decimate New Yorkers’ way of life – skyrocketing crime, punishing taxes, and rampant corruption. New York leads the entire nation in population loss and can’t live through four more years of Kathy Hochul. On November 8th, we must fire Hochul to Save Our State.” 

While the list could easily be much longer, here are the Top 10 Lowlights of Hochul’s year as Governor:

-Selecting Brian Benjamin to be Lieutenant Governor, as her very first big decision as Governor. He was the poster child of the Defund the Police Movement. Benjamin was arrested for bribery and campaign finance fraud less than 7 months later. Just days before his arrest and resignation, Hochul tripled down and still was covering for his crimes.

-Refusing to repeal cashless bail and give judges discretion to weigh dangerousness on far more crimes, despite the pleas of New York City Mayor Eric Adams and many more. Hochul still insists there is no data to support these calls for action.

-Covering for rogue District Attorneys like Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg. Hochul has the constitutional authority to remove Bragg, but she instead insists that New Yorkers should just cut him some slack, and he just got there and is doing his job.

-Secretly negotiating and agreeing to a $850 million taxpayer funded arrangement for a new Buffalo Bills Stadium that she sought to jam into the budget at the last possible moment and without transparency and vetting. Hochul’s husband is General Counsel for the company that has the vendor contract on the current Bills Stadium.

-Every 30 days, Hochul unilaterally extends her self-claimed COVID emergency powers. Through this power, she went around the state’s competitive bidding laws to grant a no-bid contract worth hundreds of millions of dollars to a company run by a family that donated $300,000 to her campaign.

-After the United States Supreme Court ruled that New York’s concealed carry law was unconstitutional, Hochul immediately convened a Special Session of the State Legislature to go even further than the prior law. The new law, which is clearly unconstitutional, tramples all over 1st Amendment rights to trample all over 2nd Amendment rights of law-abiding New Yorkers. When Hochul was asked what data she had to target concealed carry permit holders, Hochul said she didn’t need data.

-When Hochul was asked to stick up for Jose Alba after Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg charged him with murder and sent him to Rikers Island, Hochul declined and said that she wasn’t going to get involved at all.

-Calling on New Yorkers to be her “apostles” in deciding whether to get the COVID vaccine. She ordered all healthcare heroes to be fired if they didn’t get the COVID shot, regardless of natural immunity and other science and considerations.

-After the HALT Act went into effect April 1, 2022, assaults on corrections officers, other prison staff, and inmates, all have skyrocketed, and yet Hochul has said and done absolutely nothing to address this serious issue.

-Honorable mentions: Hochul signing the Less is More Act, abusing her access to state aircraft for her travels, giving donors special access with state liquor license requests, announcing that she supported term limits and then did absolutely nothing at all to actually advance the proposal through the legislature, refusing to approve new pipeline applications, making small businesses pay a new unemployment insurance surcharge after the state refused to pay off its federal loan like many other states did, mailing out property tax checks to New Yorkers days before the Democratic Party primary with a note that the money was courtesy of Hochul, awarding an exclusive multi-billion dollar contract to someone who hosted a fundraiser for Hochul’s campaign and met with her administration during the period that such meetings were prohibited under State Finance Law.