Connecticut Food Bank: A New Collaboration To Fight Hunger

Clubs and Organizations

June 26, 2017

For decades, two food banks and a host of human services providers, interest groups and community food programs have worked to meet the needs of our struggling neighbors. Now we are joining forces to share information, raise awareness and raise our collective voice to advocate for better approaches to ending hunger in Connecticut.

On June 14, nearly 40 people representing community food pantries, food policy groups, municipalities and health services organizations met at the Connecticut Food Bank to plan a September Hunger Action Conference co‑hosted by the Connecticut Food Bank and Foodshare. We discussed an energizing agenda that will mobilize our network for greater impact on solving Connecticut’s hunger problem.

Food insecurity in Connecticut increased by 69 percent between 2005 and 2015, from 8.2 percent of the population to 13.1 percent. During this same period, food distribution by our state food banks increased by the same percentage. We kept pace with the growth, but could not deepen our impact and meet more of the basic need for the nearly 500,000 Connecticut residents who are hungry.

Significant planned cuts to the federal food safety net will increase pressure on the charitable response to meet this intensifying need. We can only do this with your support and with increased collaboration among partners to share ideas, raise awareness and defend programs that help lift people out of poverty. Our September conference is a significant step toward this work.

Your past support of the Connecticut Food Bank makes a vital difference in our ability to keep pace with need in Connecticut. I hope that you are inspired by the effectiveness of our work and our ongoing efforts to increase impact. I ask you to consider a gift today to let us know that we have your commitment to this bold step in coming together to find innovative approaches to feeding hungry people in Connecticut.

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