Connecticut Food Bank News - Help Neighbors Weather The Storm

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September 11, 2018

When severe weather strikes, we all face disruptions, but when your next meal is already a question mark, the disruption of a hurricane or weather emergency can be more than an inconvenience of a few days. It can wipe out your scarce food resources.

Hurricane Florence is strengthening and moving toward the eastern U.S. as we write. We don't know what the final path of the storm will be, but we are preparing to assure that we have the resources we need to respond to the needs of our neighbors.

Your donation right now will help us meet those objectives. At the same time that we are reaching out to you, we are contacting our corporate food donors to discuss availability of nonperishable foods. We are polling our member agencies to determine their plans and inventories. And we are in touch with Feeding America, the nation's network of regional food banks like ours to coordinate our plans with others along the east coast. As a network, we work together to share food and human resources in the wake of disasters.

Our generator is tested, our people are checking our plans, and we're asking you to join our emergency preparedness team by providing the financial resources that will allow us to maintain our local response and to help in affected areas if needed. Your Gift TODAY will help us to commit to bringing in the food resources we want on hand in the days and weeks ahead to be sure that our Connecticut neighbors in need get the assistance they might need if Florence has an impact in our state. And if our help is required elsewhere, your gift will ensure that our local resources remain strong throughout our response helping in other communities until our network can recover and replenish.

Please make a gift today. As you consider your family's emergency readiness, join us in ensuring that our community has what it needs to weather the storm.