Connecticut Food Bank News - Too Ashamed To Admit She Had No Lunch...

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August 22, 2019

Thousands of Connecticut Kids are Hungry:

Sophia sits with her brown paper lunch bag on her lap. She watches as her classmates open their own lunches and dive into sandwiches, salads, apples, and drinks. Sophia says she isn’t hungry, so her lunch bag stays unopened on her lap.

After days of the little girl saying she isn’t hungry, a teacher becomes concerned. She opens the girl’s lunch bag and is heartbroken to see what’s inside: a crumpled ball of newspaper.

Every day, nearly 80,000 kids just like Sophia struggle with hunger in our service area. But you can change that with your gift today. Every $1 you give helps provide 2 nourishing meals to those who need them most.

Make a Difference by Giving Now

The Connecticut Food Bank works year-round to make sure our community’s children have enough nutritious food to help their bodies and minds grow up strong and healthy. But we can’t do it without you!

Help a child grow today… and you’ll ensure a better, brighter tomorrow for everyone.