Connecticut Food Bank/Foodshare News: Another Summer of Hunger

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June 17, 2021

From: Foodshare Inc

Help Kids Have a Hunger-Free Summer

This is important.

Many children in Connecticut will face hunger this summer. Their hardworking parents are still facing tremendous hardships a year after the COVID-19 pandemic entered our community.

Without school-provided meals, they simply won’t be able to afford two extra meals per day — per child — and kids like Izzie will suffer.

“Since mom lost one of her jobs, we don’t have a lot of food at home,” Izzie says. “When our schools stop for summer break … we won’t be able to eat.”

But you can make a difference. With your gift to Connecticut Food Bank/Foodshare, you can help give a hunger-free summer to children in need, like Izzie and her brothers. Every gift will help provide nutritious meals.

Give Now

Families like Izzie’s have faced hunger for months now. And this summer will only make it worse. They urgently need your help to get by amidst this ongoing health and economic crisis.

Please respond to the critical need and help provide food to children all summer long. During these difficult times, your generosity will give them hope for a future free from hunger.

Jason Jakubowski
President & CEO