Democrat Dysfunction in Massachusetts: Immigration Crisis Exposes Democrats Choosing Politics Over Solutions

Government and Politics

May 23, 2024

Boston, MA - Senators Ed Markey and Elizabeth Warren have united to oppose immigration legislation currently under consideration in the Senate. This follows Governor Healey’s sharp criticism of federal Republicans who have opposed the bill. It seems Democrats would rather save face politically and do nothing than admit Republicans are right about the immigration crisis. President Biden’s policies have led to the worst immigration crisis in American history, affecting the entire nation, including Massachusetts.

MassGOP Chair, Amy Carnevale, commented on the Democrat’s dysfunction stating, “No one is doing their job. President Biden won’t reverse course on his failed immigration policies. Senators Ed Markey and Elizabeth Warren refuse to take concrete action to secure the border, instead feeding into partisan bickering. On the state level, Governor Healey and the Democratic supermajority won’t engage with the resolutions Republicans have proposed. Simply put, Republicans are putting solutions on the table, while Democrats refuse to act on them and then turn around and blame Republicans for the inaction.”

“There’s clearly no coordination between Governor Healey and the Democratic congressional delegation. Governor Healey wants this bill to pass, while Senators Markey and Warren are against it. It seems they’re more focused on getting TV spots bashing Republicans than actually engaging with them on real solutions. Even as one of Biden’s top foot soldiers for his reelection campaign, Healey can’t secure federal aid to mitigate the migrant crisis in Massachusetts. It’s hard to understand what they are even trying to do at this point,” Carnevale concluded.