DeWine Debate Watch Dissolves as DeWine Ducks Debates

Government and Politics

September 22, 2022

Ohio Democrats Released an Online Video This Week Cataloging All The Times DeWine Refused to Answer Questions about Debates on the Trail

Columbus, OH — Today, the Ohio Democratic Party’s DeWine Debate Watch comes to an end as DeWine has all but confirmed he’s too scared to take on Mayor Nan Whaley on the debate stage this year. Knowing his record of betraying voters would be deeply unpopular and not wanting to answer the tough questions about topics ranging from abortion to the largest public corruption scandal in state history, DeWine has chosen to cower in the corner rather than do the right thing. It’s a loss for voters who deserve to hear from their candidates before one of the most important elections in Ohio history.

You’ll remember, DeWine also dodged a debate with his primary opponents earlier this year, signaling that he is nothing but scared to defend his record to Ohioans, especially since he’s debated political opponents in the past. For the past 25 days, Ohio Democrats have been on ‘DeWine Debate Watch,’ reminding Ohioans that DeWine won’t even try to make his case to them as he seeks re-election to the highest statewide executive office.

“Our DeWine Debate Watch is over now that Mike DeWine has officially declared he’s too scared to debate. Too afraid to defend his own record, DeWine is once again reminding Ohioans that when given the choice between standing up for what’s right or backing down because it’s easy, DeWine will cave every time. The only thing we’re on the lookout for now is DeWine’s spine,” said Ohio Democratic Party spokesperson Matt Keyes.

Despite DeWine’s blatant refusal to talk directly to voters, Ohioans still deserve answers from him on a number of key issues, including his promise to ‘go as far as we can’ to rip away reproductive rights, his broken promise to ‘do something’ to combat gun violence in Ohio, his connections to the largest public corruption scandal in state history and his role in the failed redistricting process that produced GOP-gerrymandered maps and cost Ohioans millions of dollars.