Don't Miss Connecticut's Tax Free Days Aug. 20-26, 2017

Schools and Libraries

July 25, 2017



Back-to-school shopping can be one of the family's biggest retail expenditures every year, outside of Halloween and Christmas, especially when kids are heading off to college.   That's why it's important not to miss Connecticut's tax-free days Aug. 20-26, 2017.  There is an item and cost limit for: Clothing and footwear ($100), but you can still save money. 

Last year $75.8 Billion was spent on school and college costs! Sixty-five percent of back-to-school shoppers begin more than a month before school starts. Clothing, electronic and supplies are in high demand the final weeks before classes begin.  This can leave parents asking. "Where exactly does all of that money go? Has it always been like this? And where can I find some relief in my wallet?"  These questions are answered by the data crunchers at along with some other useful tips like:

·      Check the calendar

·      Use student discounts

·      Buy digital books

·      Give your kids some say

·       Team up with neighbors to buy in bulk