D-Our New Athletic Logos!

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July 18, 2016

From: Madeira City Schools

Madeira is a unique community where our nationally ranked school system is combined with small town charm. Many Madeira City School alumni return years later to raise their own families and become involved in our schools. Adding to the uniqueness of the Madeira community, our district's boys and girls athletic teams have individual names; the Mustangs and the Amazons.

When Madeira City Schools were young, all athletes were Mustangs. The Amazon name evolved prior to Title IX, when female athletics took a back seat to the boys teams. It inferred the girls weren't as athletically dominant as the boys - until legendary girls coach Nadine Wilson taught her girls to embrace the negative Amazon nickname and turn it into one of sportsmanship, pride, respect, and the ability to rise from adversity.

In February 2014, as the second phase of our brand refinement process, the Amazon name was for the first time officially adopted by the district for its female teams. We are proud to reveal the Madeira Amazon's first logo, our new Madeira Mustang logo, and one that combines the two into a united Madeira Athletics icon. They were designed by marketing firm LPK after revisions with input from student and adult focus groups made up of parents, staff, alumni, coaches, community members and volunteers. The Mustangs and Amazons are an important part of the essence of our district's story - who we are, what we stand for, and what makes us unique. Our new logos solidify the message that we are united and together are Madeira Strong.

To see the logos please click here: Go Mustangs, Go Amazons, and Go Madeira!