D-The Blue and Gold Digest - December 17, 2015

Schools and Libraries

December 18, 2015

From: Madeira City Schools

- Madeira City Schools will be closed for winter break December 21, 2015 - January 1, 2016. For a special 'Students of Madeira' message, please see We Are the Students of Madeira City Schools!

- Six students in Business and Technology teacher Jennifer Jordan's Personal Finance class were each awarded $20,000 scholarships by participating in the H&R Block Budget Challenge, a national competition which involved more than 32,000 high school students throughout the U.S. The challenge is a financial literacy program that simulates life as adult in which students invest, manage bills, save for the future and pay taxes. Congratulations to scholarship winners Hannah Petty, Jimmy Smith, Raleigh Potluri, Mary Lorusso, Kayla Kamil and Cecilia Jimenez. For their photo and a link to the challenge please see Learning to Budget Pays Off.

- The teachers and students at MES collaborated to create door decorations to the theme "Let Our Branches Grow" to kick off this week's Right to Read Week. Local author Loren Long visited to share his newest book 'Little Tree' with the students. For a video of the doors please see Right to Read Kick Off.

- Congratulations to career technical student Ryan Kamp for passing both parts of the computer certification A+ Exam. Ryan is a junior in the Computer Service Technician & Networking program at Live Oaks.

- The MHS Arts program was one of 30 out of 100 schools selected to participate in the first ever "Artists of the Future" event at AIC College of Design. Students Maura Hull and Lexin Yuan competed in a T-Shirt competition based on the theme "Stand Up For The Arts". Artwork was transferred to actual shirts during a one-hour competition with approximately 20 other high school students. The honor included a photo shoot for an eight-page article in Cincinnati's Spring 2016 VENUE magazine that will feature information on the best schools in the area. 

- Nineteen students competed in the 10th Annual MMS Spelling Bee. Sixth grader Maddie Luther was the winning speller with fifth grader Kate Lex runner-up. Other contestants were Michael Cedillo, Murray Katkin, Charlie Manning, Milo Nelson, Ronan Hurley, Rene Polanco, Owen Tucker, Steven Wu, Quinton Blackwelder, Lexi Born, James Carpenter, Ethan Henry, Diego Arredondo, Grant Breit, Zhuo-Nan Huang, Payton Oliver and Max Schmitz. Twenty MMS students competed in the 11th Annual MMS Geography Bee which was won by seventh grade student Ethan Lex. Murray Katkin, 5th grader, was runner-up. The other contestants were: Zach Bisselberg, Maryn Dubay, Jessie Miller, Kyle Silvestain, Ronan Hurley, Niklas Polanco, Rene Polanco, Owen Tucker, Sean Weismann, Ethan Bisselberg, Lexi Born, Katy Dimmitt, Luke Thompson, Diego Arredondo, Nic Bartson, Olivia Hopkin, Zhuo-Nan Huang, and Max Schmitz. Congratulations to all contestants!

- Parents of children of any age are invited to join us on Wednesday, January 13 for Strength-Based Communication presented by Beech Acres Parenting Center and sponsored by Madeira Schools PTOs. The program will be held from 7-8 PM in Medert Auditorium at MHS. Learn to develop healthy communication & conflict management skills in your family and why this is key to happiness and overall well-being.