D-The Blue and Gold Digest - December 18, 2014

Schools and Libraries

December 20, 2014

From: Madeira City Schools

- Save the Date! Come see the newly renovated Perin Learning Commons (formerly Perin Media Center) at Madeira High School on Monday, January 12 from 6-7 pm and see our students' first rate learning and collaboration center. After the Open House we invite you to stay for the recognition portion of our January school board meeting at 7, where some of our outstanding students and faculty members will be recognized.

- Our Madeira Amazons have been nominated for the National Guard Ohio Girls Basketball Team of the Week and senior Celia Kline has been nominated for the National Guard Ohio Athlete of the Week. Please click on the following links to cast your vote by Friday at noon.

Vote for the Amazons

Vote for Celia

- The Madeira Schools Foundation is proud to say that they've provided over $75,000 in additional support to the students and staff of Madeira City Schools this past year and plan to continue this tradition of supporting Excellence in Education for many years to come. If you have questions, would like to make a tax deductible year end donation,  become a sponsor for our 2015 Annual Auction or want to become involved in the Madeira Schools Foundation, please contact Executive Director, Sarah Mizelle at smizelle.msf@gmail.com or (513) 924-3725. The Foundation's new website www.madeiraschoolsfoundation.org premieres December 31. Designed by the parent of a Madeira student, it will feature a dedicated Alumni section and information about the great work the Foundation does and how to become involved. 

- On Monday, December 15 the following students competed for the title of MMS Geography Bee Champion: Will Kerry, Niklas Polanco, Rene Polanco, Sean Wiesemann, Ethan Bisselberg, James Carpenter, Katy Dimmitt, Ethan Lex, Jack Nieberding, Diego Arredondo, Olivia Hopkin, Zhuo-Nan Huang, Lucy Rogers, Sam Solinski, Ben Fisk, Grant Graeter, Armen Krikorian, and Gray Palmer. Ethan Lex (Gr 6) won the 10th Annual Bee and Ethan Bisselberg (Gr 6) was the runner-up. 

- Madeira City Schools will be closed for winter break December 22 through January 2. From all of us to all of you, best wishes for a happy and safe winter break! Classes will resume January 5, 2015.