Early Registration Opens for Badlands Make-Up Round

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May 19, 2016

The calendar is about to get busy for the 17th Annual FMF Texas Night Series.  Back-to-back weekends for the series are nearing with Badlands make-up round next on May 28th and Round 5 on the following weekend at River Valley on Saturday, June 4th.

Early registration is now open until 11pm on Tuesday, May 24th for the make-up round at Badlands MX Park.  By registering online you save $5 per class entry and it saves you time in line once you get to the track.  Don't forget that no matter if you sign up online or not, everyone must check in at the scoring tower to sign all documents.  Bring your AMA membership card and the last 4 of your bikes VIN number.

Sign up by CLICK HERE!

Rd 3 - May 28 - Badlands MX Park (Make-Up Round)

Rd 5 - June 4 - River Valley MX

Rd 6 - June 18 - Freestone County Raceway