East/West Writing Celebration

Schools and Libraries

November 30, 2012

Two weeks after Hurricane Sandy swept through Long Beach, Long Beach Public Schools resumed classes on Nov. 13, with the Lindell, East School and Long Beach High School buildings fully operational for the start of school. Not wasting any time, students and teachers got right back to the business of learning. At East School, East and West School students and staff joined forces to create some unique learning opportunities for students.

On Nov.16, Susan Garcia's second-grade class at East School hosted Amy Goldenberg's second-grade class from West School for a writing celebration. Students from both classes shared personal narratives that they had begun before the storm. In the days after school re-opened, students completed their work and took the opportunity to share their writing with an audience of their peers. Students went through all the steps in the writing process, including drafting, revising, and editing, before publishing and sharing their work.