Essex Studios Art Walk 2016

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November 10, 2016

From: Essex Studios

Join Essex Studios and our artist for our Fall 2016 Art Walks.

About the Essex Studios Art Walk
The artists of Essex Studios open their working artist studios at the quarterly Art Walk events. Artists transform their studios into art gallery environments designed to showcase their particular media.

There are many wonderful artist collectives and studio complexes in Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, but none of the other large group shows exhibit the depth and breadth of art featured at Essex Studios. The beauty of an Art Walk weekend is the unparalleled diversity of artists, artworks and patrons.

One of the unique characteristics of the members in our collective is their diversity of experience. No where else in Cincinnati or Northern Kentucky can you find professional working artists residing in studios adjacent to emerging artists. This diversity of talent and experience creates a welcoming space for all artists and art patrons.

The diversity of artworks created by Essex Studios artists includes oil paintings, photographs, sculptures, fused & blown glass, wood carvings, metalworks, ceramics, textiles, jewelry, graphic design, letter press, silkscreen prints, and artworks created from colored pencils, graphite, spray paint and watercolors.

As you can plainly tell from the photo gallery to the left of this description, Art Walk weekend guests represent every walk of life. One of the more exciting features of the Art Walk events is that all types of people are welcome and present. Many patrons remark that they feel as though they are transported to a major metropolitan area, such as New York or San Francisco, when they are at Essex Studios due to the eclectic and diverse aesthetic of the space.

Date :
October 7 and 8
December 2 and 3

Time : 6pm -10 pm

Location :
2511 Essex Place
Cincinnati, OH 45206

Cost: $60.00

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