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December 29, 2020

This year has taken a toll on all of us. It’s no surprise that our health may have suffered from the stress and anxiety.

Unfortunately, citizens of Greater Fall River, like in other in low-income households or marginalized communities, or those already facing trauma or disability, have suffered worse than the rest of us.

For example:

The COVID-19 mortality rate is 3.6 times higher for Black Americans than it is for whites. It’s also 3.4 times higher for indigenous Americans, 3.2 times higher for Latinx Americans, and 1.3 times higher for Asian Americans (APM Research Lab)

Nearly 14% of Black Americans and over 17% of indigenous Americans report being in fair or poor health, compared to just 8% of whites (Center for American Progress)

Black Americans are nearly twice as likely to be uninsured, and Latinx individuals nearly three times (Center for American Progress)

LGBTQ individuals are more likely to rate their health as poor and report more chronic conditions (Cigna)

Individuals with disabilities are more likely to report poorer overall health and less access to adequate health care (Center for Disease Control)

These disparities mean that our focus on health is even more important. A gift to United Way of Greater Fall River:

 Promotes good nutrition and physical activity

 Invests in recreational opportunities in under-resourced neighborhoods

 Helps reduce childhood obesity

Advocates for affordable health care available to all

 Offer discounts on prescription drugs

Help everyone in Greater Fall River achieve physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Start today, United.

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