Exhibition - All Around And War/Games

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October 7, 2015

From: Kennedy Heights Arts Center

Opening on October 3, Kennedy Heights Arts Center presents companion exhibitions which showcase novel paper constructions by two regional artists, curated by Kate Kern.

War/Games, artist book works by Barbara Hosein and All Around, mixed media works on/of paper by Jonpaul Smith both feature paper as a basic material. While the scale and theme of these two solo exhibitions offer a dramatic contrast, both bodies of work begin with an awareness of where their paper comes from. 

War/Games juxtaposes vintage toys, jacks, and dominoes with paper made from combat uniforms by Iraq War veteran Malachi Muncy. It presents objects that subtly subvert expectation, invoking the simplicity of a child's world while engaging the reality of the extraordinary human toll of battle. From this departure point, using playful techniques of paper folding in combination with found objects, the artist looks both back to the Civil War and forward to unresolved conflicts that stubbornly persist, meditating on the elusive nature of resolution and reconciliation.

Barbara Hosein of Carmel, Indiana turned to art after a career in biochemistry. She studied at Herron School of Art (Indianapolis), the Indianapolis Art Center, and the John C. Campbell School of Folk Art (Brasstown NC). Hosein has exhibited artwork in group shows nationwide, including San Francisco, New York City, and Denver, and her work is featured in 500 Handmade Books (Vol 2). In 2014 she had a solo show at the MIT Library of Art and Architecture in Cambridge, MA, and at Gallery 924 in Indianapolis. She is a member of the "Al Mutanabbi Street Starts Here" Project, a group of 260 book artists who have made artists' books for an exhibit that travels internationally to commemorate the 2007 truck bombing of the historic booksellers' street in Baghdad. 

All Around features complex, colorful tapestry-like constructs, made up of hundreds of interwoven strips of discarded consumer packaging, which similarly make use of (and, in a sense, refine) pop culture imagery. Created in response to the artist's interest in the natural and man-made patterns that surround us, these often large-scale works engage the viewer's imagination by offering patterns/juxtapositions that suggest micro and macro perspectives at the same time.


October 3 - November 14, 2015


Tuesday Friday, 10am to 5pm and 

Saturday, 11am to 4pm.


Kennedy Heights Arts Center, 

6546 Montgomery Road 

Cincinnati, OH 45201

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