Exhibition: Charlie Immer 'Loose Juice' and Haitian Vodu

Arts and Entertainment

March 17, 2014

From: La Luz De Jesus Gallery

Charlie Immer Loose Juice

Date: April 4 - 27, 2014

Opening Reception: Friday, April 4th, 8-11 PM

Inspired heavily by horror films, cartoons, nature, candy, and video games,

Charlie Immer's striking, surreal work is both humorous and unsettling.

Loose Juice is Immer's first La Luz de Jesus Gallery solo show and will feature paintings focusing on Endurance. 

With this body of work I introduced new flavors, structures, and textures to the undulating and quivering landscape. The structure of the pieces was heavily inspired by the isometric perspective seen in many video-games of the 90's. I've reintroduced buckets of "juice" which have been mostly absent from my recent work. Liquid is so alluring and dynamic. The subjects of the work are jiggling jesters and dripping skeletons enduring pain free violent acts. The nervous system has evaporated in this world and blood is in infinite supply. I've always found over the top violence to be appealing when stripped of pain and possibility of death. - Charlie Immer 

In 2008, Immer received his BFA in illustration from the Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, Rhode Island. Immer's works have been shown in galleries world wide and he has been featured in numerous magazines such as Blisss, Juxtapoz, and Hi Fructose Immer recently collaborated with Wayne Coyne on a The Flaming Lips album cover. He was raised in Western Maryland, where he currently lives with his collection of skeletons, candy and a cat named Radicchio.

Haitian Vodou

Date: April 4-27. 

Opening reception: Friday, April 4th 8-11PM

As Vodou flags travelled out of temples and into the hands of foreign buyers, curiosity about their purpose grew. Some artists imbue their flags with quasi-Christian imagery such as angels, hearts, and saints, while other flag makers are actual houngans (or Vodou priests) who select visual representations based on particular, ritual use. 

Whether one attributes significant religious power to these extraordinary relics or appreciates them strictly for their colorful aesthetic, the broad range of pictorial elements makes them a welcome anomaly among modern folk art collections. While the number of artisans specializing in the art form has swelled in recent years, natural disasters and tropical storms have ravaged Haiti and taken the lives of some of the most gifted artists of the medium. 

This Easter exhibition of museum pieces from Billy Shire's personal collection hails back to the last, great, golden age of Haitian Vodou Flags: the 1980s and 90s.

While themes often reoccur, each flag is unique.

Also on exhibition will be a selection of handcrafted Oaxacan memorial sculptures from Concepcion Aguila.