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February 23, 2016

Cincinnati, Ohio is in the process of going through a great revival that Cincinnatians are prideful of. Did you know in 1870-1895 that Cincinnati was nicknamed "Paris of America"? It appears Cincinnati was going through a progression quite parallel to the one it is experiencing today; and it all started with our icon, Cincinnati's Genius of Water, the Tyler Davidson Fountain. From then on, the most celebrated buildings of today began to rise with the help of architects James McLaughlin, H. H. Richardson, and Samuel Hannaford (who designed the notable Carriage House of Clifton Cultural Arts Center). These structures include Music Hall, Grand Hotel (now Cincinnatian Hotel), Shillito's Department Store (now Shillito Place flats), Newport Southbank Bridge, and many others.

For this exhibition, I have taken photographs of Parisian architecture that have either factually or possibly played a role in the influence of our prominent architecture here in Cincinnati during the Paris of America period. While the exhibition is meant to be historical, there will be contemporary parallels drawn to the current rebirth of the city today, although more so cultural than architectural. The exhibition will also include historical information throughout to help guide the viewers through the photographs in order to demonstrate a better understanding of the parallels between Paris and Cincinnati, both architecturally and culturally.

I'd like to consider the Cincinnati Revival of today as the Paris of America period, Phase II.

Nicole Boesenberg

Opening Reception: June 3, 2016 6 8 pm

Date: June 3, 2016 July 2, 2016


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