Exhibition - East Meets West

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December 29, 2014

From: Kennedy Heights Arts Center

The calligraphy and paintings of Frank Yukio Satogata

A desire to compare, contrast and ultimately come to an understanding of the similarities and differences between Eastern and Western culture fuels Frank Satogata's paintings and calligraphic works.

His solo exhibition, East Meets West, brings together works with spontaneous brush strokes found in the Japanese Calligraphy of his ancestry, works featuring subjective mark making inspired by the Western art movement of Abstract Expressionism and works that fuse both approaches. Satogata's work in the KHAC galleries will be arranged to guide viewers through segments focusing on Eastern, Western and finally a Fusion of both.

All three categories share an emphasis on the juxtaposition of vibrant layers of color in varying densities as well as an emphasis on the physical process the artist uses to create the work. Viewers are encouraged to consider what tools the artist uses to add or take away paint/pigment as well as the unique gesture or movement of the body that each brush stroke requires.

Viewers are invited to engage in further exploration of this rich cultural fusion during two calligraphic performances during the run of the exhibition. Satogata will demonstrate the art of big brush Japanese Calligraphy.

Date: January 17,2015  - February  28, 2015


Tuesdays - Fridays, 10:00am 5:00pm

Saturdays, 11:00am 4:00pm

Location - Kennedy Heights Arts Center, 6546 Montgomery Road ,Cincinnati, OH 45213

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