Exhibition - Eduardo Monteagudo Some Things Real

Arts and Entertainment

February 25, 2016

From: Miller Gallery

Some Things Real features new paintings that convey Monteagudo's explorations of unexplained realities. His new work explores his belief that the way we perceive our environment through our senses is deceiving. The art narrates the idea that there is something unexplained in nature that can not be spoken, but painted. The use of brilliant color, stroke and space allow him to create paintings with a heightened sense of emotion. These abstract compositions give the viewer a sense of movement within a suggested landscape.

Eduardo is the son of Philippe Monteagudo and Carmen del Berro, painters of deserved reputation and well known in Spain. He grew up among art and nature. As a child, Eduardo regularly accompanied his parents to paint outdoors. Paying attention to them as they worked, he began to develop a passion and respect for translating life into colors and brush strokes.  Eduardo studied art in Cuenca, Spain, later moving to Paris to perfect his craft and take his art in a more contemporary direction. Having travelled extensively through Europe and the United States, he came to settle in Cincinnati in the late 90's where he continued painting and exhibiting his work. Monteagudo gained regional recognition for his powerful command of color and form. Upon returning to Spain, where he now resides, he continues to search, experiment and create his art.

Date: FEBRUARY 11, 2016 MARCH 12, 2016

Hours: Tuesday-Saturday: 10am-6pm

Location: Miller Gallery, 2715 Erie Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45201.

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