Exhibition - Figurative Invitational

Arts and Entertainment

April 25, 2014

From: Miller Gallery

The figure in art is classical, universal, and has been part of art history since the earliest prehistoric cave paintings. Yet "figurative art" is not synonymous with art that represents the human figure, although human and animal figures are frequent subjects. The focus of our Figurative Invitational, however, is the human figure and 17 artists whose work celebrates the human form have created new works, in styles ranging from expressionist to realism.  Our invited artists include Kevin Beilfuss, Ron Hicks, Timothy Jahn, America Martin, Victoria Novak, Zhaoming Wu, and Ilya Zomb. Gallery artists include Anthony Ackrill, John Michael Carter, Johanne Cullen, Randy Ford, Carlos Gamez de Francisco, Daniel E. Greene, Rob Jefferson, Anne-Marie Kornachuk, Ron Monsma, and sculptor Bill Starke. 

Date: May 9 May 25, 2014

Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 10 am -5:30 pm

Location: Miller Gallery, 2715 Erie Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45208.