Exhibition - Naturally Inspired

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May 3, 2017

Naturally Inspired

This exhibit is a panoply of books, textiles and paper creations by members of the Cincinnati Book Arts Society. Take a moment to note the construction, materials and story found in each piece. Explore the art, look, observe, if permitted touch and then consider what aspects of nature are obvious and what elements are mysterious. What intrigues you? Where does the work take you? How does it connect you to nature? How does it inspire you?  This is a celebration of nature, a heartfelt recognition of our connection to the world we live in. Enjoy the visual and tactile quality of your visit and take away a memory of nature revisited.

Reception: May 4 from 6 8 pm!


May 4- June 2, 2017


Monday through Thursday 10 am 7 pm

Saturdays 9 am noon.


Clifton Cultural Arts Center
3711 Clifton Avenue

Cincinnati, OH 45201

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