Fairfield resident and mom writes children's book

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April 23, 2013

Nira’s Heart is a children’s book that sheds light on people with differences and teaches that beauty comes from within.


Nancy Fabian was born with Moebius Syndrome, a bilateral facial paralysis. She had to learn from an early age how to live with a disability. This was particularly difficult during the formative school years, when her peers were not educated about disabilities, especially facial disfigurements.


Nancy's experience inspired her to help children better understand differences, as well as learn tolerance and acceptance of others.  It is her wish to make a difference by informing through storytelling and diverse characters that are challenged in some way.  The goal is to open the hearts and minds of the readers and inspire them to have the courage to excel despite one’s shortcomings.  As Nancy says, “We are not disabled but enabled differently than others.”


About Nira’s Heart:

Nira was a princess.  She was kind and warm-hearted.  Nira was well liked for her humble nature regardless of her royalty.  But Nira was not a beautiful princess like most princesses are.  She wanted to find beauty to become the princess everyone expected her to be.  Nira wanted to shine amongst all at the ball.  If only she could find a way to discover true beauty by the time of the ball.  Nira’s journey leads her on a search and revelation about beauty and inner beauty that will change her life forever.


Learn more at www.nancyfabianbooks.com.