Farmer and Businessman John Duarte Declares Victory in California's Thirteenth Congressional District

Government and Politics

December 5, 2022

Merced, CA – After the posting of last night’s results from Fresno County, and with very few votes left to be counted, John Duarte has declared victory in the race for California’s Thirteenth Congressional District.

“I am very grateful to the people of the Thirteenth District who have chosen to put their faith in me and Send a Farmer to Congress,” said farmer and businessman John Duarte. “I promised our Valley families that I would be their bipartisan champion in Washington, D.C. by fighting for food on our tables, gas in our tanks, and water on our farms. That is exactly what I am going to go there to do.”

“This was a hard-fought campaign on both sides and I appreciate the concession from Assemblyman Adam Gray as it allows everyone to move forward on behalf of the hard-working families of the Thirteenth District,” stated Duarte.
“Team Duarte visited over 30,000 homes during this campaign. My wife Alexandra and I personally visited over 5,000 homes. We listened to struggling working families and their stories. We felt the suffering in our Valley and we saw the faith in a better future that makes us so proud to call the Valley home. We promised every family that we would make a difference for them,” said Duarte.  “I knew we were making connections. Many families told us that no one had ever visited and asked them for their vote before.”
California's Thirteenth District is home to 42.75% registered Democrats and 28.41% registered Republicans. The district is majority-Hispanic and home to substantial Spanish, Punjabi, and Hmong-speaking populations yet Duarte, a Republican, broke down traditional communication barriers and spoke to all voters. “John Duarte made it clear from day one that he wanted all voters to hear his simple message: John is a local farmer who understands the struggles of Valley families and will bring together Democrats, Republicans, and Independents to improve lives,” said Duane Dichiara of Axiom Strategies, Duarte’s lead consultant. “John spoke directly to Latino voters and listened to their stories. John walked more doors in working neighborhoods than I have ever seen a candidate walk. It is clear from the results that he won the support of countless Democrats and Independents.”
“I have already been working to build a first-class operation ready to serve our forgotten Valley communities on my first day in office,” said Duarte. “My first priority is to work across the aisle to secure affordable food, gas, and housing right here in the Valley. I will cut through the toxic partisanship that has poisoned Washington and made our politics so divisive. I will always put our Valley above politics. Our working families deserve abundance, not political talking points."