February 2014 Meeting of The Brookfield Library's Homeschoolers' Partnership

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February 14, 2014

From: Brookfield Library

Our guest speaker will be Maritza Badinelli.

Maritza is a homeschooling mother of 5 children (and one grandson!).  She has home educated four of her children for the past ten years and has enjoyed every minute.  Maritza follows a classical approach to homeschooling and sets high academic standards for her children. Her eldest son, Keith, is married and working as a Software Engineer Manager in Silicon Valley; her second son, Martin, is currently a freshman at the University of Notre dame; her third son, Andrew, a high school senior, has been accepted to Harvard University's class of '18; her fourth son, Bradley, is in the 8th grade; and her daughter, Molly, is in the 2nd grade.
Maritza is the founder and administrator of Phoenix Learning and Collaborative (www.PhoenixLearnToSoar.com), a homeschool group which has joined nearly fifty families throughout Connecticut and New York, all dedicated to providing the best educational, extracurricular and academic camaraderie possible - without failing to provide a fun and caring environment!  
Maritza is very well known in the Western Connecticut homeschooling community, having organized Model Congress and Model UN teams, Debate Clubs, Ballroom Instruction and Dances, Formal Proms, Nancy Drew Super Sleuth Clubs, Young Scientists Clubs, Homeschooling Through High School Workshops, and many successful organized field and out of state trips.  She is a very strong proponent of community service and has adapted this as a key element of her children's academic and spiritual formation.  Maritza is married to her husband, Martin, and they reside in Brookfield, Connecticut.
Maritza will be discussing The Great, good, bad and  ugly of homeschooling, homeschooling multiple children, the energetic child, Co-Ops and collaboratives, Planning and organizing.

Date and Time: Wednesday, February 19 at 1:00 p.m.

Location: Community Room at the Library
We are asking parents to register for this meeting to ensure we have enough parents present for the speaker.  You do not need to be a Brookfield resident or a member of our Homeschool partnership to attend.

Children are always welcome.
To register for this meeting:
Online: Click Here
by phone, call  203-775-6241 
In person at our Checkout Desk by Tuesday, February 18 at noon.
Any questions please contact Donna Crane at ext 105 or via email at dcrane@brookfieldlibrary.org.