Fender Donates Instruments to LBHS

Schools and Libraries

April 24, 2013


The Fender Music Foundation donated five electric guitars, two electric basses, a guitar amplifier and various other items to Long Beach High School. The Fender Music Foundation is a public nonprofit organization funded by people who want to strengthen the state of music education, people who believe music is an integral part of society and want to make music more accessible to everyone. For more information, visit www.fendermusicfoundation.org.


This generous donation was arranged through the efforts of the newly formed non-profit, Friends of the Arts LBSD INC, who was able to establish a relationship with the Fender Music Foundation.


In addition, Friends of the Arts President Bari Klirsfeld and her committee have reached out to several other music organizations that have responded in a very generous manor for Long Beach Public Schools. Friends of the Arts is also working to replace the Marching Marine uniforms that were damaged or destroyed in students’ homes during Superstorm Sandy. Please visit www.friendsoftheartslbsd.org to make donations.