Fetterman Campaign To Ny Times On His Health: "All Is Well! We Swear!"

Government and Politics

September 21, 2022

Fetterman Campaign To Ny Times On His Health: "All Is Well! We Swear!"

HUNTINGDON VALLEY, Pa. — The communications director for the Dr. Oz for Senate campaign, Brittany Yanick, released the following statement in response today’s The New York Times article entitled “Fetterman Says Stroke Problems Have Not Slowed Down a ‘Normal’ Campaign.” 

“Every day the Fetterman campaign sinks to another level of dishonesty and deception. Today’s New York Times story is the lowest yet. The Fetterman campaign didn’t provide the New York Times copies of Fetterman’s cognitive scores or medical records and they never will to any media outlet. They won’t provide media access to Fetterman’s doctor. And they won’t let any reporter talk to John Fetterman in person.

“Let’s recap: First the Fetterman campaign lied about John Fetterman’s health when he had the stroke, then they lied about him being healthy enough to debate, then they lied about wanting to debate, then they lied about the debate itself. Literally everything they say is a total lie. It’s embarrassing the lengths to which they are going to try and prove that John Fetterman is healthy enough to serve in the U.S. Senate.

“How can anyone glean anything from a quote in the New York Times story provided by a campaign spokesman about what a doctor said to somebody else? I’ll give you a diagnosis: John Fetterman’s campaign is full of pathological liars who disdain the media, Democracy, and the people of Pennsylvania.”