Fischer Statement on Putin's Nuclear Threats

Government and Politics

September 21, 2022

Fischer Statement on Putin's Nuclear Threats

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator Deb Fischer, a senior member of the Senate Armed Services Committee and the top Republican on the Subcommittee on Strategic Forces, released the following statement after Russian President Vladimir Putin yet again issued a nuclear threat:

“Putin’s recent nuclear threats are dangerous. First, this nuclear-armed dictator invaded a sovereign country. Now in the face of stiff resistance, he is attempting to coerce the Ukrainian people into surrendering their homeland and the international community into abandoning Ukraine. 

“NATO must remain steadfast in our resolve against Putin’s nuclear saber-rattling. Thanks to the hardworking men and women of U.S. Strategic Command, the United States continues to maintain a strong, capable deterrent.

“The international community must continue to make clear that Putin’s threats will not work. Putin has no right to rule over Russia’s neighbors, and repeated attempts to use nuclear blackmail will not alter this fact.”