Five Stylish and Simple Hairstyles For Women

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June 22, 2016

As a woman, maintaining a stylish look with our hair can sometimes be challenging. Life can be full of obstacles and when we find ourselves lacking time, the first thing to go is generally the hair do. There are however simple and stylish ways using womens hair products to keep your hair looking good, it does not necessarily have to be time consuming.

Here are five stylish hairstyles for women that are easy to execute and beautiful to wear:

1. Side Parting

This is a very simple and versatile style that can be done whether you have long locks or a bob.There are a variety of ways to wear this style, on of the most popular ways at the moment is to side part with wavy hair. The textured hair and parting contrast beautifully. You can add a chic look by wearing it swept back with a low pony tail, if you really want to make an impact then slick it back. Regardless of how it is worn, this look is easy to maintain and looks great.

2. Bold Bangs

Bangs create an awesome look, they are however not always the easiest style and it is important to take the size of your forehead and that shape of your face into consideration before making the bold move of chopping off the locks. Also keep in mind that long bangs require more maintenance to avoid them landing in your eyes. A tip is to blow dry your bangs in the opposite direction from where they naturally fall.

3. The 70's Are Back

The popular 70's middle parting hairstyle is back in. This is one of the easiest styles to really change your day to day look without the need of a drastic haircut or new hair color. Just part it down the middle.

4. Low Ponytail

This on trend, low maintenance free of fuss style is a great choice. Yes a ponytail is a quick way to just gather the hair and avoid a catastrophic hair day. However, if done right, and by right I mean gathered at the nape of the neck the look is very sophisticated and stylish. The low ponytail is very versatile and can be worn in many different ways.

5. Wavy

Wavy hairstyles have become quite popular, the waves can be textured or more romantic and flowy. Due to their relaxed and boho feel, waves are the perfect spring and summer do. This is also one of the easiest looks to replicate. If your hair is not naturally thick and wavy, you can use pins top curl them up, apply some quality hair spray, let loose and run your fingers through to add some bounce.

So there you have it, five stylish, simple and beautiful hairstyles for women. Make sure that you study your face before choosing a hairstyle, you want to complicate your uniques shape and design so take your time and experiment with your look until you find the perfect one for you.