Founding Designer of Aidan Gray Shares Top 8 Ways to Maximize Small Spaces

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February 24, 2016

When it comes to interior decorating in a small space, some people desire sweeping changes designed to renovate from the top down. But according to Dallas, Texas-based Aidan Gray, a leading brand in home furnishings and accessories, you should be considering minor changes designed to maximize small spaces because less is more, and in this case, a lot more.


Randal Weeks, founding designer of Aidan Gray Home, shares his top eight hints on maximizing the limited-space areas of your home:


Paint small rooms all one color. Visually, this tactic will skew the boundaries between the base boards, walls and ceiling. Light or dark, the effect is the same.


Make one wall the main focus by giving it all one function. Think about adding shelving to an entire wall, such as narrow library shelving that goes floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall. If done properly, it will create spaces for small lighting, books and accessories. You can even stage art on the shelves and/or hang the art on the façade of the bookcase to add depth.


Create a wall of art with floating shelves. Hang appropriate art, but do it in such a way as to lean and layer the artworks all the way across the wall. Go big, go wall to wall and experiment until you find a setup you truly enjoy.


Think large, oversized art. Large pieces of artwork create visual depth and draw your attention into the layers of the particular art and color, totally distracting the viewer from the true smallness of the space.


Select smaller pieces of furniture, but in multiples. Repeat the same chair and seating, while keeping color and clutter to a minimum. It allows for more seating on a smaller scale, but doesn't break the consistent visual lines, which is important.


Keep it clean, keep it consistent. Adopt a specific theme, whether it's color or style, and stick with it. Keep your visual clutter and eclectic style to a minimum. Less is definitely more in a confined space.


Use color sparingly. Consider a large colorful painting, and match all walls and upholstery in the like-color tones. From there, only use pops of color that complement the painting and in very minimal amounts, such as small pillows or even a candle in glass that pulls the color through.


Light up the Heavens! Lastly, in keeping with the uniform color theme, floor lights that cast lighting up the wall and illuminate the ceiling are a visual trick that adds light to a small space with an unseen lamp fixture. Tiny floor cans tucked into the corner of a room are a great way to create light (and shadow) and produce the illusion of a higher ceiling, adding drama and visual interest to any space. It's an old trick, but one that many have forgotten.