Freestone County Raceway News - April 21, 2014

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April 22, 2014

Results from Round 1 of the North Texas Night Series have been posted as our attention now turns to the South Texas Night Series kicking off at Cowboy Badlands in Beaumont. Additionally, Round 2 of the North Texas Night Series heads to Arthur City at Paris MX. Both rounds are this coming Saturday, April 26th with the gates opening at 2pm Saturday.

The BIG announcement down south is that Cowboy Badlands is preparing to go out with a bang as this will be the last race held on the property.

Early registration saves you $5 per entry. For online registration for Round 1 of the South Texas Night Series, you do not have to pay upfront to be registered.

For online registration, click on the links below.

Round 1 - South Texas Night Series (Cowboy Badlands)

Round 2 - North Texas Night Series (Paris MX)

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The new dates are as described:
Rd 2 - April 26 - Paris MX
Rd 3 - May 10 - Badlands MX Park
Rd 4 - May 31 - Buffalo Creek MX Park
Rd 5 - June 7 - River Valley MX
Shootout - June 21 - Freestone County Raceway
Rd 1 - April 26 - Cowboy Badlands Sports Park
Rd 2 - May 10 - Cycle Ranch MX Park
Rd 3 - May 17 - Ultimate MotoX
Rd 4 - May 31 - Rio Bravo MX Park
Rd 5 - June 7 - Three Palms Sports Park
Shootout - June 21 - Freestone County Raceway