Free-Them-All Fetterman's Pardon Spree

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September 20, 2022

Free-Them-All Fetterman's Pardon Spree

HUNTINGDON VALLEY, Pa. — Free-Them-All Fetterman is trying to hide his record-setting and radical past of pardoning convicted murderers by continuing to lie about his health, not take questions from the media, and duck multiple debates with Dr. Oz.

But, the Inmates for Fetterman think Free-Them-All Fetterman should be proud of his efforts to free convicted murderers….

John Fetterman talks the talk:

-Fetterman called for lighter sentences for murderers and said that “I’m trying to get as many folks out as possible.”
 -Fetterman bragged about having “conferred more pardons in Pennsylvania than any administration in history.”
 -Fetterman said he would stop at nothing to free two specific convicted murderers: ‘Whatever this may or may not cost my career, me politically, we’re gonna get you out.’”
 -Fetterman said at least 11 times that he agrees with releasing 1/3 of Pennsylvania’s inmate population.