Fright Bingo Frighteningly Fun

Arts and Entertainment

November 30, -0001

From: Rhythmix Cultural Works

At Rhythmix Cultural Works, your average event becomes a performance art masterpiece. Bingo night turned into a frenetic tribute to Halloween as stilt-walking ghouls, three-eyed doctors and photographers from outer space entertained bingo players desperately trying to daub five dots in a row while avoiding having their brains eaten.

Aged ball handler Mabel did an admirable job of calling out the bingo numbers while bouncing banter off emcee Mr. Entertainment resulting in near constant hilarity.

Every time bingo players took a breath and looked up, the performance artists around the room continued to establish the atmosphere. Balancing acts, dancing, juggling, random outbursts from the audience and the mysterious presence of Lucky Spooky Lucy who sells trinkets guaranteed to spur bingo luck, all help to make the evening fly by because of all the fun. Other games were available to play, pizza was available to eat, beverages were on tap.

Those playing bingo weren't there just to stamp colored dots all over some sheets of paper, they were there to win. Prizes varied from the Rhythmix "schwag bag" to gift certificates to local businesses to the grand prize for the final game, a full $100 cash. The players sweated each B15 (Mabel's middle name) and 069 ("Oh, 69!") praying for the perfect set of luck to let them bring home the grand prize. But just one winner found the luck.

While each Bingo Night brings a new particular set of events, one can never be sure what to expect at Rhythmix Cultural Works. But do expect fun. The next Bingo Night is in February, dubbed "Sweetheart Bingo" and may feature special guest ball handlers. Maybe the balls will bring you luck.

See for more information on Bingo and other fabulous events taking place this month as part of "Spooky Month" at Rhythmix, or others taking place in the future.