Funding for Meals on Wheels is at Risk Again

Clubs and Organizations

March 28, 2019

Funding for Meals on Wheels is failing to keep up with the growing need, and the President's new budget proposal threatens to make it even worse.

The proposal calls for funding cuts that would widen the already existing gap between seniors receiving local Meals on Wheels support, and those who desperately need it.

Every dollar counts in the fight for homebound seniors! Your donation will allow us to continue our work with lawmakers to ensure that the proposed cuts are not enacted.

Last time the President proposed budget cuts to Meals on Wheels programs, we fought back and won.

Help us fight back again.

With 9 million seniors struggling with hunger and millions more living alone facing isolation across our country, Meals on Wheels needs your support now more than ever.

That's why it's critical that you give a voice to seniors who can't be on Capitol Hill to speak for themselves.

Not just during budget season, but all year long. We can each do a small part to improve the lives of so many.

Every gift — $10, $25, any amount that's right for you — brings us closer to an America where no senior is left isolated or hungry!