GiftLegacy eNewsletter - August 27, 2017

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August 28, 2017

Personal Planner

Chronic Illness - Care of Your Property
If you have a chronic illness, you will need to care both for your person and for your property. Part II of this article will explain some of the specific preparations that are important to care for your property.
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Savvy LivinHow to Stop Unwanted Junk Mail and Guard Against Mail Fraud

My father receives over 100 pieces of junk mail every week and I just discovered that he has given away nearly $5,000 over the past few months to many of the solicitors who mail him this junk. Can you offer any tips on how I can stop this?
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Your Plan

Part Gift and Part Sale
Susan and Kevin bought their first home many years ago. They had planned to build a second home so that their children could spend their summers along the lake.
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Washington News

Ryan and Brady Barnstorm for Tax Reform
Barnstorming is defined as "traveling to different places to give speeches."
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