GiftLegacy eNewsletter - December 24, 2017

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December 26, 2017

Personal Planner: Income for Surviving Spouse
Elliot and Alexis were concerned about planning for the future. They had built a substantial estate of $1,200,000. When Elliot was 70, he rolled over his $400,000 qualified retirement plan into an IRA.

Savvy Living: How to Divvy Up Your Family Belongings Peacefully and Sensibly
What is the best way to distribute my personal possessions to my children after I pass away without causing hard feelings or conflict? I own valuable jewelry, art, family heirlooms and antique furniture and, unfortunately, my three adult children do not...

Your Plan: Flexible Deferred Gift Annuity
Lewis is a 54-year-old executive at a large healthcare company. He purchased company stock during years when the stock price was low, and now the stock has grown substantially.
Washington News: Tax Tips for Year-End Planning
With passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), many American taxpayers are asking, "Should I take action before December 31? What is likely to be the impact of TCJA on me next year?"


Stocks - FedEx Adjusts Earnings Outlook
Bonds - Treasury Yields Rise After Tax Bill Passage
CDs and Mortgages - Mortgage Rates Move Higher