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May 3, 2016

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About 15 years ago Linda's father passed away. As her inheritance, she received a commercial lot that was a mile outside of town. At the time she received the inherited property.

Savvy Living

When Does it Pay to Take Social Security Early?
I will turn 62 in a few months and am trying to decide when to start taking my Social Security retirement benefits. Almost everything I read on this topic tells me it's better to wait until my full retirement age or beyond. Is there ever a good reason to...
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Tax-Free Sale

Howard and Lynn were age 55 when they purchased some land outside of town, and they thought it would be a good investment that they could later sell.

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Washington News
No Significant Change In Tax Gap
The IRS reports that there is "no significant change" in the tax gap. The tax gap is the shortfall in tax collections. It is measured each year to determine the level of taxpayer compliance.

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