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May 29, 2018

Personal Planner

Who Will Receive Your Property?

"Who should receive my property?" asked Helen to her attorney, Clara. "There are so many decisions to make. Since Morgan passed away, I need to make these decisions myself..."

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Savvy Living

'Extra Help' Program Helps with Medication Costs

Are there any special Medicare programs that help with medication costs? My 74-year-old mother, who lives primarily on her Social Security, takes several high-priced drugs that sap her income even with her Medicare drug plan.

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Your Plan

The Retirement Unitrust
Mary grew up on a farm. When her parents passed away, she inherited the farm. Now, several developers would like to build homes on the farmland.

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Washington News

Two-Income Families Benefit from "Paycheck Checkup"
In IR-2018-124, the Service offered a "Paycheck Checkup" for families with two incomes. The IRS Withholding Calculator on helps couples with two or more sources of income to adjust their withholding amounts.

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