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February 27, 2017

From: Axial Theatre

A festival of women playwrights taking place

A Day of Wonderful by Alexandra Angeloch: George tries to order a day of wonderful at a surreal coffee shop but gets something entirely different.

Dear Crossing by Lisa Kimball: A vehicle collision brings a married couple onto the shoulder of the road, where they examine the damage from the inside of their truck.

Dress Rehearsal by Mona Voelkel: A woman's day is not going as planned.

Dry Bay Leaf by Linda Giuliano: A woman, a man and a wake provide the backdrop for an encounter of regret and hope.

Free Day Shipping Every Day by Jill Maynard: A new hire for the Christmas season at an Amazon warehouse gets schooled in the ways of workplace survival.

Small Talk by Evelyn Mertens: Two ex-lovers meet after a brief, guilt-ridden affair to confront their genuine feelings.

The Late Gordon Kaplan by Robin Anne Joseph: At her husbands funeral, a grieving widow makes an unusual demand about how to eulogize her husband.

The Second Coming by Gabrielle Fox: A come-to-Jesus moment in Joe's survival bunker.

Date: March 24 to 26 and March 31 to April 2

Time: 8:00pm, 3:00pm and 4:00pm (Friday, Saturday and Sunday)

Cost: $25.00 - General Admission
$20.00 - Students and Seniors

St. Johns Episcopal Church
8 Sunnyside Avenue
Pleasantville, NY 10570

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