Governor Glenn Youngkin Signs Legislation to Prevent Overdoses and Enhance Student Education About the Dangers of Drugs

Government and Politics

May 23, 2024

From: Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin

RICHMOND, VA - On May 23rd, Governor Glenn Youngkin signed three bills, including: SB 614 to combat the manufacturing of Xylazine, SB 726 to require local school boards to develop policies and procedures for opioid overdose prevention and treatment in schools, and SB 725 to rename the "Drug Treatment Court Act" to the "Recovery Court Act" reflecting a broader focus on recovery rather than just treatment and initiating a more holistic approach to addressing substance abuse issues. These bills were signed at Abingdon High School with more than 500 students and concluded with a school-wide REVIVE! Training on life-saving naloxone.  

“These bills are a testament to our continued efforts to address addiction and overdose prevention by raising awareness and providing much-needed resources,” said Governor Glenn Youngkin. “We will continue to follow every path, use every asset, and employ every bit of our shared will to combat this epidemic. This my pledge to all Virginians.” 

"It is critically important to support Virginians battling substance use disorders every step of the way," said First Lady Suzanne S. Youngkin. "That includes taking preventive action, providing ample educational resources, and changing the narrative to be more holistic, encouraging, and all-encompassing. I applaud the immense work being done by all legislators and leaders to support this most important mission."   

“While we gather today to commemorate putting ink on paper, the real impact of this bill signing will be reflected in the lives touched by this legislation,” said Senator Todd Pillion. “This crisis knows no bounds, which means we have an obligation to remain vigilant and creative in our policymaking to ensure our schools and communities are safe, families are educated, and that help is readily available. The Commonwealth has consistently demonstrated a bipartisan commitment to an all-hands-on-deck approach to combating this epidemic and that spirit is needed now more than eve.”