Governor Lee Marks the Close of the 2024 Legislative Session

Government and Politics

April 25, 2024

From: Tennessee Governor Bill Lee

NASHVILLE, TN. – On April 25th, Tennessee Governor Bill Lee marked the close of the 2024 legislative session, which includes the successful passage of his $52.8 billion budget.

"We’ve passed strategic legislation to cut taxes, invest in education, increase public safety, and strengthen Tennessee’s workforce,” said Gov. Lee. “The primary function of government is to steward taxpayer dollars and serve the people well, and I thank the General Assembly for its partnership and continued commitment to ensuring that Tennessee remains a beacon of opportunity, security, and freedom.

Lee’s agenda included passage of the Protecting Children From Social Media Act and Tennessee Disability and Aging Act, shrinking the size of government and enabling stronger advocacy for Tennessee’s fastest-growing population, adults 65 years and older. Notably, Lee led Tennessee to become the first state in the nation to protect musicians and artists from having their voice stolen by artificial intelligence (AI) via the ELVIS Act.

The roster of the budget and legislative priorities also dedicated $100 million to Tennessee’s Rainy Day Fund, bringing totals to an historic $2.15 billion, and included significant investments in tax relief, K-12 education, Tennessee’s skilled workforce and conservation.

Highlights from Lee’s agenda include the following:

Economic Opportunity & Tax Relief

  • $100 million investment in Tennessee’s Rainy Day Fund, bringing Tennessee reserves to more than $2 billion, the largest in state history
  • $393.4 million recurring funding to deliver tax cuts and spur economic growth and $1.5 billion non-recurring funding to simplify the franchise tax in Tennessee


Public Education Investments and Expanding Choices for Tennessee Parents

  • More than $261 million to strengthen education through the Tennessee Investment in Student Achievement (TISA) formula growth, including teacher pay raises
  • More than $5 million dedicated to universal reading screeners and AP Access for All, which provides AP courses to students across rural and urban Tennessee
  • $2.5 million to strengthen students’ reading and phonics skills
  • $577,000 to ensure we train Tennessee teachers to be the best and brightest educators of Tennessee children
  • $15 million to fund charter school facility improvements

  • $144 million to establish Education Freedom Scholarships in the future, to empower parents with the freedom to pick the right school for their child

Strong and Healthy Families

  • $197 million over five years from TennCare shared savings, the largest investment in rural health in Tennessee history, by investing in apprenticeships and skilled training, greater access to specialty care and telemedicine, improved career pathways, hospital and physician practice grants, and a new Center of Excellence to sustain and expand rural health support
  • $100 million over five years from TennCare shared savings to strengthen mental health care by investing in community mental health centers and behavioral health hospitals, expanding substance abuse disorder treatment, intensive in-home supports, primary care training, early childhood training, and children’s hospital infrastructure
  • $26.7 million investment in services for Tennesseans with disabilities
  • More than $3 million in additional funding to support crisis pregnancy non-profits, improving access to healthcare and information for expecting mothers

Safe Neighborhoods

  • $17 million in funding for an additional 60 State Troopers and related support staff to improve public safety across the state
  • $8 million to expand the school-based behavioral health liaison program to fund 114 liaisons, giving students across Tennessee schools important resources and mental health support
  • $750,000 to fund Houses of Worship Security Grants
  • Funding for a National Guard recruitment incentive package

Brighter Future

  • $63 million to create eight new Tennessee State Parks in addition to the five announced last year, with the goal of funding a total of 13 new state parks
  • $15 million to expand blueway trail access, which will drive tourism and economic activity across our rural communities
  • $20 million to improve water quality at rivers, lakes and streams across the state, making them safe for future generations to enjoy and the Bill Dance Signature Lakes Fishing Trail
  • $10 million investment in Nuclear Fund to recruit companies to our state that will establish a nuclear development and manufacturing ecosystem built for the future of Tennessee
  • $5 million to protect and enhance scenic beauty along our major highways
  • $3 million for Access 2030 to make Tennessee State Parks accessible to Tennesseans with disabilities