Governor Walz Announces $8 Million in Statewide Teacher Mentorship Grants

Government and Politics

June 18, 2024

From: Minnesota Governor Timothy James Walz

ST. PAUL, MN - Governor Tim Walz today announced $8 million to support mentorship programs for new teachers in teacher shortage areas, including special education. Grantees will work with districts and schools throughout the state to support mentoring programming for new teachers.

“Positive mentorship can be the difference between a fulfilling career and burnout,” said Governor Walz. “Teachers are supporting, mentoring, and caring for our kids every day. If we are to fulfill our mission of creating the best state in the country for children, we must take care of our teachers. These grants are a step forward in filling gaps and providing necessary resources in a demanding profession.”

“Investing in teachers is common sense. When they are cared for and supported, students reap the benefits,” said Lieutenant Governor Flanagan. “These mentorship grants are providing that support and helping ensure the presence of high-quality, diverse teachers in the areas where they’re most needed. We’re building a strong teacher workforce that will have positive benefits for years to come.”

Grantees include:

- Lakes Country Service Cooperative

- Learning Disabilities Association of Minnesota

- Minnesota Zej Zog

- Regents of the University of Minnesota

- Resource Training and Solutions Cooperative

- Sourcewell Service Cooperative

- South Central Service Cooperative

- Southwest West Central Service Cooperative

- UpLIFT Movement

- Zumbro Education District

Grantee induction support to districts and charters may include:

- Providing seminars, workshops and forums for mentors and new teachers

- Facilitating mentor and leader training

- Supporting on-the-ground coaching

- Guiding the development of an induction vision, mission and program goals

- Supporting new teacher orientation and onboarding

- Providing opportunities for regional networking, affinity groups and communities of practice

- Assessing and adjusting program effectiveness

- Distributing mentor stipends

“Teaching is a demanding profession, and we want to give new teachers the best start to their career. Minnesota teachers are the best of the best, and we are excited to connect Minnesota’s next generation of teachers with some of the outstanding educators working in the field today,” said Commissioner Willie Jett. “We look forward to the work these organizations will do to prepare teachers to have successful and meaningful careers and impact the lives of their students from day one.”

“New Teacher Center's partnership with the Minnesota Department of Education is a true collaboration,” said Amy Feehan, New Teacher Center director of programs. “Supporting the development and pilot implementation of the Minnesota Induction Framework represents our decades-long commitment to building working conditions for new teachers that support growth mindsets, centering students and educator retention. We look forward to deepening efforts to develop systemic supports for new teachers with regional grantees.”

Governor Walz and the 2023 Legislature passed the Statewide Teacher Mentoring Program grants last spring as part of the Education Bill.

Under Governor Walz’s leadership, Minnesota has invested in expanding resources to support and diversify the education workforce in Minnesota. MDE established the Educator Workforce and Development Center to create more programs to support districts, schools, communities, and Tribal Nations in work to recruit, diversify, develop, and retain educators in order to build the best teaching workforce in the nation.