Great America PAC Announces Battleground State Leadership Team in North Carolina

Government and Politics

August 31, 2016

Alexandria, VA Great America PAC, the leading independent committee supporting Donald J. Trump for President, announced the formation of a State Leadership Team in North Carolina, one of the critical battleground states that will be essential to victory in November. These leaders will join previously announced battleground leadership teams in Ohio and Pennsylvania as part of Great America's PAC's extensive GOTV operation.

"Donald Trump has built tremendous grassroots support across the country and we are committed to maximizing that support in battleground states like North Carolina during these critical months before Election Day," said Ed Rollins, Great America PAC lead strategist. "We are a full-service PAC that is revolutionizing the way Super PACs operate by doing far more than just great TV ads. By the doing the important work of identifying millions of Trump supporters in recent months, we are now ready to activate our robust ground game that will get these voters to the polls this November".

Great America PAC is committed to having maximum impact on the election and supporting Donald Trump's candidacy by engaging key voting blocs and turning them out to vote on Election Day. The State Leadership Teams are as follows:
North Carolina Leadership Team
Doug Lebda, Chair
Jim Hastings, Co-Chair
Dr. Ed Bonomo, Co-Chair
Ed Broyhill, Co-Chair

Great America PAC is the premiere pro-Trump Super PAC led by veteran Republican strategist, Ed Rollins.  The group has raised and spent over $10 million in support of Donald Trump's candidacy, broadcasting more than 5,000 TV spots, secured over 160,000 donations, and built a file of millions of active, newly engaged Trump supporters across the country.