Hiking Boots--Six Great Choices Your Feet Will Love

Sports and Recreation

June 7, 2018

Spring is walking time, whether you’ve chosen to hike to your favorite lake or get out on trails that finally are snow-free. Here are six boots that will coddle your heel and arches while performing admirably on a wide variety of trails. And if your favorite boots are looking a little tired, keep reading for tips to improve your fit and increase the life of your boots. 

6 Great Choices

Instead of choosing footwear from a long list of companies, we zeroed in on three of the world’s leading bootmakers. Just two boots were picked from each manufacturer—one for lighter use and one for moderate use. All the boots feature waterproof liners and waterproof construction. While most are based on new, cutting-edge designs, there are a couple of classics that continue to stand the test of time.

In addition, these three companies feature excellent customer service to ensure any boot mentioned below is worth your hard-earned coin. 

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