Historic Annapolis Volunteer Update - June 2018

Clubs and Organizations

June 6, 2018

From: Historic Annapolis

Thank you Volunteers for a Smashing Spring!
This update is a thank you to all the
HA Garden Volunteers!

2018 Paca Garden Plant Sale is a huge success!
Our garden volunteers have grown 8,000 plants to raise funds for HA! They have green thumbs, and hearts of gold! Their efforts are incredible! Throughout the year they are found tending the carefully chosen plants to offer our members and shoppers. The outstanding volunteer leading this effort, Cheryl Findlay, offers her organizational skills and never ending efforts to support this fabulous tradition. She'll tell you that it takes a team, but it also takes leadership. Thank you Cheryl for being the tremendous leader that you are!

Making the Plant Sale a success, year after year, is truly a team effort.  Volunteers work all year round, in all kinds of weather in support of the plant sale.  Volunteers will be weeding and watering the plants in the heat and humidity of the summer. They will be putting the plants "to bed" for the winter in the cold and windy days of late December.
Volunteers support each other's efforts: Tuesday volunteers specialize in
helping other teams with their crops (planting and weeding and watering) and with special activities such as building the bamboo trellis against the Greenhouse wall that supports our beautiful crop of Hyacinth Bean vines, setting up extra shade areas to protect perennials from the summer sun, and picking boxwood (always on the coldest day of the year!) for holiday wreath-making. The Culinary and Perennial group grow crops of special  interest for the Annual team to sell as part of their "Collections" displays during the sale.
Special recognition to the "Crop Managers" who decide what to plant and pamper their plants throughout the year getting them ready for sale:
Marie Lee and Millie Sample are our Culinary crop experts. Mary Sue Burgess and Evie Robbins focus on Perennial Plants. Dianne Fontanesi and Lois Evans lead the Annuals. Cacky Janssens and Cindy Lynch produce the beautiful signs that we display with each variety of plant.
Special recognition is due for Kathleen Cornell who grows both our
Tree/Shrub crops and beautiful Vines.  Kathleen went above and beyond volunteering to the plant sale when provided special support for the past 5 summers (at least) to the William Paca Garden by coming in each weekend (often both Saturday and Sunday), braving the heat and humidity and traffic of summer tourists in order to water not only Plant Sale plants but plants in the William Paca Garden itself. This is a job that goes most probably goes unnoticed by many but is critical to both the Garden and Plant Sale and greatly appreciated by the full-time Garden Staff.
Finally, first and foremost, is Elaine Mines. She does a Yeoman's Job on the Catalog and associated data bases. She scrutinizes the descriptions of all
the plants, researches the botanical name and special characteristics, maintains databases of all our crops so we know how many plants we have, how much they are, and how many we sell. We also use those databases to print our labels and to provide input on what should be on the signs that are made for each type of plant. Finally, Elaine produces and publishes our beautiful Plant Sale Catalog. What an effort!

In addition to all these tremendous volunteers....there are many more! About 45 volunteers are a part of this team. In addition to our Garden
Volunteers, they bring in their spouses, children, families, and friends to assist on the sale day! This includes a Scout Troop, students from The Severn School, and many more HA volunteers. It's a true community event. The HA Garden Staff of Joe Kuchuk, Ben Cornwell, and Edward Kardish are always there to support and assist our dedicated Garden Volunteers!

If you like to dig in the dirt, nurture plants, support the HA mission, and make great friends, let me know! I'll be happy to introduce you to our
Garden Volunteers and our HA Garden Staff. Garden Docents are another area to volunteer, and we provide training for that too! 

Thank you to Cheryl for her contribution to this update. I'm afraid I don't have a picture of her because she never stands still!

And thank you always to KennethTom for his outstanding photos of our glorious Paca Garden
and our volunteers!